I received two phone calls today from people very dear to me. Both retired senior citizens comfortably off and in reasonably good health.

The first phone call took about thirty minutes of catching up with each other on family matters, movies and books as well as some recent political developments. Very intellectual and very satisfying.

The second one started off with exchange of WhatsApp messages where my friend was asking me to blog about a subject on which I have limited knowledge and no interest. He decided to tease me for my humility in confessing my inability and we bantered for a while on the WhatsApp chat when he decided that it would be better to talk on the phone. The conversation was not as long as the earlier one but, started off by his using a common phrase here which loosely translates to “I am being hit with boredom”. My normal response would have been “Hit it back!” but, I refrained as it had been so long since I heard that phrase.

I can understand why my friend was bored. He is recovering from a surgical procedure and is not allowed to indulge in some of his favourite pastimes.  This post however is not about him but, about me.

I am  never bored. I have enough to keep me occupied and consider myself blessed when I am left to my own devices. Like, as I write this, I am all alone at home with just our dog for company and am thoroughly enjoying the solitude. I will finish this blog post, attend to some email and catch up with some Facebook posts.  I will then get on with reading a fascinating book which I hope to finish reading by this evening. Edward Luce’s The Retreat Of Western Liberalism. I have read his earlier book on India, In Spite Of The Gods: The Strange Rise of Modern India and this new one is as fascinating as the earlier one was.

I get five newspapers every day and solve five crossword puzzles in them well before lunch time every day. On the days that I don’t get the newspapers due to public holidays, I am somewhat lost, but never bored. I simply use the time to read. I also subsribe to a number of weekly and monthly magazines and those plus the books that I buy mostly on kindle or from Amazon as hard copies are more than enough to keep me occupied.

I get a number of messages on WhatsApp as well as get some phone calls from friends and family.  I regularly go to the movies and visit friends or, have them come over and so am quite occupied.

I also blog and visit a number of blogs and leave comments on them and so, don’t find any reason to complain of being bored.

A man said to the universe: “Sir I exist!” “However,” replied the universe, “The fact has not created in me a sense of obligation.”
~ Stephen Crane

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