Brain Washed.

I recently had the misfortune of being treated to an excellent lunch at a very upmarket restaurant by a classmate from my school days and his wife.

The food was excellent, the ambiance, very conducive to happy eating and the service was impeccable.

Then, why do I call it a misfortune?

I normally do not have soup before a meal. Just one of my quirks. I would rather have solids for lunch and not occupy space inside with liquids. Or at least, that is my logic. On the rare occasion that I do, which is usually when the host/ess insists that I have something special, I prefer to have the soup along with the main course as a wash downer.

That is what happened at this lunch too. My hostess insisted that I have soup and I finally agreed to but told the order taking steward that I would prefer it along with the main course and not as a starter.

Both my classmate and his normally pleasant wife literally tore into me and said that it is just not done. On my persisting with my choice, they could come up with no logical explanation for their insistence that I have the soup before the main course along with them. I finally persuaded them to let me watch them have the soup and personally do without the soup totally.

Both sides accused each other of being brain washed about when to have the soup.

What do you think?

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