Breaking Out.


Everybody’s talking about people breaking into houses but there are more people in the world who want to break out of houses.

~ Thornton Wilder.

This post is dedicated to Tammy who is a great minimalist constantly trying to break out of shackles.

He could be fictional, but the greatest minimalist that I have come across is Jack Reacher, Lee Child’s hero. He does not own anything other than the clothes that he wears and discards to buy just another set to last him a while longer.  He stays in motels and keeps wandering getting into all kinds of adventures.

My one regret in life is my physical limitation that prevents me from taking to the life of a Sadhu.  Indian Sadhus are somewhat like Reacher except that they do not get into the kind of adventures that the latter gets into, nor are they likely to be retired Military Police officers. These are the people who have successfully broken out of houses as Wilder suggests most would like to.  I would dearly love to and take to a life of wandering not quite begging to survive but like Reacher living on the move with no baggage.

Joshua and Ryan are two modern day Minimalists  who are kind of trail blazers and their book Everything That Remains explains the philosophy of Minimalism and the benefits of leading such a life like nothing that I have ever read before.  How I wish that I could at least be as minimalist as Joshua has become if I can’t become a Reacher clone!

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