Bridget Jones’s Baby.


Still The Lucky Few in her comments on my post Akira had suggested that I review some chick flicks and here is one!

While it can stand alone on its own merits, it still would be better if the viewer has seen Bridget Jones’s Diary. The action is ten years later to the diary film and some of the characters are the same.

It would also help if you can easily follow the English accents/innuendos if you are used to only Americanese.

Bridget Jones’s Baby is difficult to pigeon hole. It is a chick flick, tragicomedy cum standard bearer for feminism, single parenthood, same sex relationships etc.

With so much going for it, it has to entertain viewers and that it does quite well subject to the provisos contained in the second and third paragraphs of this post. I was very entertained and was glad that I spent the little over two hours of a Sunday watching it. If you can catch it, do see it.

Professional performances by the entire team should be lauded and the concluding scene of the newspaper headline suggesting that Daniel Cleaver is alive would indicate that the franchise is already working on a sequel!

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  1. I love chick flicks. Tom goes for macho movies.
    I also love English accents & innuendos even tho’ I’m use to Americanese/LOL.

  2. Good for you, Ramana, for reviewing a chick flick! I love Renee Zellweger’s self deprecating sense of humor. It’s a refreshing change from female actors who sometimes take themselves too seriously! I haven’t seen this film yet, but will definitely see it when it arrives in my city. I’m quite good with British accents, having spent some time in England when I was younger.

  3. i adored bridget jone’s diary! and even the second one was not a bad sequel.
    but this one without hugh grant… i’ll miss him i think.
    colin firth is ALWAYS wonderful though!
    and it’s set in london. what could be better? 🙂
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  4. Why oh why oh why, my dear Ramana, do I so often find myself swimming against public opinion? It’s tiring at times.

    For all those of you who “adore” Zellweger/Jones I raise you. I detest her (in the role).

    To keep this in perspective I have only ever seen a clip from her first film and fled, in horror, in the other direction. I have had a friend who was a real life Bridget Jones. She deemed herself worth nothing until she had landed the MAN. She did land him. Bloody hell. He was awful. I knew this because I worked with the jerk. Anyway, did warn her. No doing. One dog, many of her tears and a kid later he went the predictable way, humiliating her in the process. Oddly, and don’t say the human heart doesn’t work in mysterious ways, she broke off all contact with me once she realized that I’d been right.

    Colin Firth, Hugh Grant? One film wonders. Respectively Firth was a great Darcy, just as bumbling as Grant in Five Weddings and a Funeral.

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    1. Because you are unique. A nice position to be in! Your real life friend’s story is not all that unusual even here. There are some great comparable stories about which I can write tomes.

  5. Early on in our relationship Lynn and I agreed to see both chick flicks and shoot ’em ups. Over tie she became a fan of the action stuff and I of the chick flicks. I prefer Notting Hill to the Bridget Jones films but the two I saw were ok. I also preferred Serendipity to the Brisget Jones films.
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    1. Unfortunately, while we had plenty of time to see films before we got married, after our marriage both Urmeela and I were extremely busy first with out careers and afterwards with Ranjan’s coming into our lives, with careers as well as family and official entertainment. We never did get to see too many movies after our marriage. We did see some very popular ones but it was after my retirement and her death that I have started to see movies either in the theaters or at home via DVDs.

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