11 thoughts on “Brilliant Humanbeings.”

  1. Unfortunately for the quote, animals get bored too when their physical needs are met. They try to get the stimulation they need, but when they’re pets, their humans don’t always appreciate their efforts.
    Cheerful Monk recently posted..False Assumptions

  2. i am many things. but i can honestly say i’m never bored!
    monk is right about animals though. especially intelligent ones!
    they can’t just pick up a great book and read it like we can.
    when my zeke got bored he would gently insist on us taking a long walk.
    it was good for him AND me! how i miss that little guy.

  3. it sounds fanciful, Ramana, yet is just a fact: I am never bored. Not even in a dentist’s waiting room or in A&E having already waited for hours. If anything, I am full of anticipation, writing the next “War and Peace” in my mind.

    As your quote says, the world is full of wonders, and for me one of endless wonderment. Sometimes even a speck of dust can send your imagination into a spin. I don’t know whether it’s in the genes, upbringing, whatever – I am happy to report that my son too has never lamented “I am bored”. Because he never is. And that I think is wonderful.

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