The image above could well be that of me and my younger brother when we were teenagers going to school in Chennai. We did not have a dining table at home those days and sat on the floor  to eat like most Indians even now do.

Just above our heads would have been a window facing our garden below. We were on the first floor as tenants and the ground floor was occupied by another family.

When anything that we did not like was served to us, both of us would simply chuck it over our shoulders through the window when our mother was not watching.

That is, till one day, the ground floor neighbour found the time to catch hold of my father to complain about food being thrown in his garden.

You can imagine the rest.

This memory came rushing back to me when I read this cartoon yesterday.

14 thoughts on “Broccoli.”

  1. Naughty boys! I love broccoli. Your story reminds me of my daughter who disliked peas. When she was an adult she told me she used to hide the peas under her chair’s pad, then after dinner when I wasn’t watching would remove them into the trash.

    1. I am sure that something similar would have been your childhood experience too and may be you can share that too in your blog. There used to be a saying many years ago – “There is nothing called a generation gap. Only a memory gap!”

  2. Sounds like you and your brother were mischievous little rascals. I was obedient enough to eat whatever I was served by my mum, even if I didn’t like it. And broccoli is one of my favourite vegetables so I wouldn’t need to throw it out of the window.

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