18 thoughts on “Broken II.”

  1. oh rummy.
    that is good.
    i remember a line in some movie once. don’t even know which one now.
    but a young woman getting a divorce asked her lawyer who was an older married man ~ why he had managed to have a good marriage for so long.
    his answer was
    ” i don’t know. i guess maybe we didn’t expect so much and were happier with what we got.”
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    1. Nice but a little self righteous. If a person is in an abusive relationship, it is ridiculous to ask them to hang on no matter what. Unless the relationship can be changed to be what they need it to be, there is not point in hanging on. Especially after you’ve given it a fair chance. Just my thoughts….
      Maria recently posted..Broken – LBC Post

  2. That quote reminds of one I often heard my father repeat when I was young: “You made your bed, now lie on it!” – In other words there was no coming back. He never said it to me, thankfully he never had reason to.
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