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I hope that what I share here with you which came to my mind the first thing when I saw the topic, does not get duplicated by that other music lover and LBC Blogger Shackman.

This was a big hit here when it first came out in 1980. A very loving friend gifted me this on an EP as a tribute to my condition and would sing it aloud replacing Lady with Rummy. I had just developed severe immobility due to an as yet undiagnosed bilateral hip joint problem and it was decided by that friend that my hip joints were broken and they could not be mended. That friend is reading this post and will recollect the evening in early 1981 when both of us got quite sozzled and maudlin listening to and singing this song, convinced that I will never be mended.

But another great friend, an orthopedic surgeon mended me alright though I had to wait for five years more for the first hip joint and seven for the second. I have been pain free since then and like the potter mended the vase, two surgeons on five different occasions mended me and have enabled me to live a reasonably normal life.

I was broken, but mended too.

I now have a broken lady at home. She is also waiting to be mended.
ChutkiThis is Chutki. You can see that her left hind leg which was in plaster is completely healed and she is very frisky. She is so frisky that this is the best photograph that I could take of her for this post.

You can see that she has her right hind leg up. The shattered hip is mending but is not completely healed. Once that is completely healed, say in another couple of weeks, she will be even more frisky. She too was broken and will soon be mended.

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      1. No, I definitely am not going to get a dog here. For one, it is very dirty here, and I just don’t want to deal with cleaning a dirty dog. And secondly, it would be very expensive and a hassle to take it back to America, and I don’t want to have to give it away.
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  1. So far, I have only had Maria’s/gaelikaa’s and your contribution to the subject of broken.

    My dear Ramana, whilst I am happy you were mended, fact is – and I and others have dropped a few things over time – not everything can be mended. That’s where the lyrics of that song so terribly wrong. False hope and all that. Vases, plates and all sorts – for our own benefit – I do not repair and will bin. Why? Because every time we look at that crack we managed to mend we will be reminded of that day, that incident, that whatever which caused us pain. My memory is good enough to conjure up the past – good and bad. I don’t need physical reminders. Which ‘reminds’ me: You know, Ramana, for years now – in the wake of a facetious remark I made – you include every Friday, without fail: “Since some of them may post late, do give some allowance for that too!” You know what? Gives me a most unpleasant pang to what I had not meant badly yet went down a storm with some of you. It’s unpleasant to be reminded, week after week after week, of where I put a foot wrong. Where it most certainly wasn’t my place to reprimand. But that’s it, Ramana – and I only mention it by way of example – how we are being reminded of that which we once broke.

    Hip Hip hooray!
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    1. Typed comments don’t do justice to our thoughts. Maybe if a comment goes into such detail to explain it, .which is not enough time or reader’s interest.

    2. Ursula, I deliberately did not write about the kind of breaks that are not physical. That route would have taken this post off into very touchy areas.

      Hip hip hooray indeed. And thanks too.

  2. I don’t see Chutki’s right hind leg at all. Our neighbor has a dog with a front leg amputated. She was trying to dig like her brother but needed 2 front legs for digging. Sad but funny.

    So glad you are both mended. Love the song.

  3. No mention of broken relationships, I see. But broken relationships that are never restored despite every effort are truly painful. If only they could be mended as easily as a broken plate or a broken hip joint.
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