Bulk Buying.

wholesale_wedding_veilsNobody in his senses now wants to buy into bulk.  The trend all over the world is to cut down, to minimise and to do with less.  And that includes one’s own size!

There are however people who still insist on buying in wholesale under the false notion that it is economical. They will go to the wholesale markets to buy in bulk and by the time all of whatever has been bought is used up, quite a bit gets spoilt and has to be thrown away. Add that to the cost of transportation and I have always believed that buying retail from closeby grocers and others made more sense and also saved on space.

There are some groups, particularly from cooperative housing societies who pool together small orders from members to buy in wholesale once a week or something like that, to share among themselves and that makes sense when the members are of two income households where shopping becomes difficult. I have great admiration for this particular form of cooperation and encourage it wherever I can.

I personally do not buy anything is bulk as it is not necessary. Fresh produce is available at my doorstep and I will be foolish not to enjoy that facility to its fullest.

This is my contribution to the Weekly Loose Bloggers’ Consortium (LBC) endeavour to post on one single topic every Friday. Today’s topic has been suggested by Maria.  I hope that you enjoyed reading my contribution.

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