Let me get it off my chest straight away!  I was burnt. Since I am quite fond of cooking I had hoped to learn something from the film and came away disappointed.

I also went because of two names that appealed to me. Bradley Cooper and Uma Thurman. Uma Thurman appears in two sequences and I was not impressed. I was also told by a good friend that it was a comedy-drama, which swayed my decision to go and see. I can assure you that unless my sense of humour has completely deserted me, there is no comedy in the film. Not even black comedy.  Drama certainly is there, but not to the extent that could have saved the film.

Since it was a story about a chef I invited a restaurateur friend to come along and that was the only saving grace for the whole afternoon. That friend will now ensure that his wife who is actually a chef sees it to learn how not to be a chef.

The story revolves around the chef and everybody else is incidental to the film. Some great photographs of dishes like you would see on facebook posted by people visiting restaurants, showing the decorating process is all that appeals in the kitchen.

Very avoidable.

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