But …… II.

Shackman posted this on his post “But” and when I heard it after so many years and a particulaly favourite version by Peter Paul and Mary, the other being by Joan Baez, I was taken back to many years down memory lane.

Though in retrospect it all seems so silly now, there was a short period towards the end of the last century which also spilled over into the beginning of this when I went through a very rough patch with family problems, illness mine and my wife’s, surgery and financial problems and there were occasions when I thought that I would never come out of my problems and almost went into deep depression.

It was during this period that some members of my family and a few great friends helped me with support advice and by just being there for me. It was also during this period that a close friend would spend hours with me pointing out how many things that I needed to be grateful for. Among the other things that helped me come to grips with my situation and come out of it, music certainly was one and this song played a significant role in my recovery from despondency.

Thank you Shackman for bringing this song back into my life.

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