“The first one who uses ‘but’ has lost the argument”
~ Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Now there is a great thought. A complete Black Swan as it were! Till I came across that statement from that maverick, it had not occurred to me at all.

Had it to you?

And Nandu, no, it is not a typo!

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14 thoughts on “But.”

  1. I watch out for ‘but’ in my utterings as best I can. Which is not very good. ‘But’ usually closely followed by its more benign brother ‘however’.

    My father recently observed, and I do try hard to forget it, that when he and I discuss God and the world I keep saying in response to him “Ja, Ja, Nein, Nein” Yes, yes, no, no. Presumably, erring on the cautious side, I am trying to cover all options. And there is always more than one option. Try and sell THAT notion to anyone. However …

    Ursula recently posted..Come again?

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