Shackman and I exchanged views on my post on Accidental Connections. I think that the question and response opens up a very profound thought process calling for introspection.

Shackman: “You are a regular social butterfly, my friend.”

I: “Sometimes I wonder if I am the butterfly or the flower on which butterflies land!”

While mulling over the matter, I remembered another great saying.  Let me simply add that I am happy.  I shall now leave the matter in the very capable hands of Shackman and look forward to his comments.


3 thoughts on “Butterfly!”

  1. If a butterfly would “sit softly on [my] shoulder” I’d probably shriek. Not least with the horror of realizing that I have been mistaken for a flower. Enter a cat chasing butterflies and I’ll end up scarred for life. Not that that would stop me from being, largely, happy.

    Still, to indulge the rather sweet exchange between you and Shackman, it’s a difficult one: Yes, you want to attract – but not only the flighty as, per definition, a butterfly is. Having said that, a flesh eating plant takes bonding a bit too far.

    Let’s just say, and please bend as many metaphors as you like, I too see you as a flower but one which attracts not only butterflies but reliable tenants in your life’s web. And, dare I say it, you reciprocate interest and are not averse to a bit of sniffing and sticking around yourself.


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