When I had suggested this topic for the weekly Friday LBC post, a major earthquake was all in the news and I suggested this off the cuff. Since then there have been other earthquakes in Japan, in South America, in Afghanistan and so on so forth. There have also been floods and wildfires and the latest are in Canada and India.

Calamities like the fires that are now raging in a part of our country have been traced back to man made problems just as many other natural calamities now are being blamed on things like climate change which many blame on human beings. The floods that hit parts of South India a few months ago were again blamed squarely on problems created by human beings, in not releasing water from dams on time, using up land meant to prevent flooding for construction of homes and offices and so on.

Calamities therefore can now come in not only due to natural causes like earth quakes, but fires, drought and floods can and do come from careless human beings. Climate change for instance needs the urgent attention of all of us and somehow, I don’t see enough being done to address this issue on a war footing. Here is a case to buttress my argument. We also now have drought in India which too needs a long term solution by sustainable means of water conservation many models of which are available within the country.

Other developments that go under the classification of calamities like train derailing, mass automobile accidents etc by and large are man made and they too need attention towards prevention.

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  1. Most politicians still don’t take climate change seriously enough. They seem to think the problems will go away if they wait long enough, and they resist any new thinking. Right now there’s a proposal for a new gas-fired power station on Belfast Lough. Gas-fired? A power station? Is renewable energy still some sort of new-fangled nonsense?
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      1. Ah yes, I’m well aware of the fracking going on at Woodburn and the vociferous protests by the locals (and councillors such as Jim Brown). But then there are still politicians who deny climate change is even happening.

    1. Why politicians only? There are many business leaders who can influence action, but who don’t because of their preoccupation with quarterly results and bonuses.

  2. Hi Rummy,

    Loved the debate U’s comment sparked – good job, Ursula. PC is not acceptable and it is one of the true calamities of our times.
    Anyway, nature is upset but it’s not all about man’s doing. It’s a cyclical process and we still don’t know why it happens, however it seems easier to put the blame solely on humans. Yes, we have to respect mother earth; yes, we have to nurture the environment; but let’s not exaggerate with the “mea culpa”.

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    1. Strange how the topic got hijacked and a totally new topic took over this comment section! Unless of course we want to call use of the N word by a non Black as a calamity!

      No, I am not suggesting that we go all out and say mea culpa. There are things that can be done as we do know, and we simply have to get on with doing them. No more no less.

  3. Pogo was right: “We have met the enemy, and it is us.” Whether or not climate change is a long or short-term proposition and how much human activity is causing it, human activity increases air pollution in many ways. And we must breathe that stuff. So it is undeniably in our interest to reduce carbon footprints.

    At the root of it all is overpopulation. Earth has a carrying capacity, and we are at or exceeding it in many places. Population control is where we should be putting our major efforts, but progress there is difficult because of outdated religious and philosophical barriers.
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  4. U.S. Calif., especially in So Cal, experiences just about every calamity you name — if not now, previously, or in the future.

    As for words and language, PC extremes have gotten out of hand — the predominance of any one meaning for a word with multi-meanings sometimes changes over time. In my mother’s early nineteenth century, reference to gay individuals had quite a different presumed meaning than it does now, for one example.
    I also wonder why so many reduce issues to two — is everything yes or no, black or white? Isn’t life a bit more complex?

    Clearly we can resolve earth’s problems by eliminating the human race, so the sooner, we exit this planet and start over on another allowing earth to rejuvenate itself the better. Maybe our descendants can get it right next time.

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