Calm After The Storm.

“What screws us up most in life is the picture in our head of how it is supposed to be.”

~ Anonymous.

I had many storms in my life just like everyone else does. Almost all of them were minor ones of low intensity quickly abating and bringing normalcy and calm almost immediately after.  There were two major ones however that till today stand out for their contrasts in intensity during the storm and the quality post storm.

One storm  was almost like a tsunami which took about three years and a half to build up to climaxing six months of intense discomfort and tension before resolution. I refer to my late father’s last days with me six years ago about which I wrote here. The calm after this particular storm was and continues to be one of the best periods of my life. The calm included getting a grip on my own life, my son getting married and bringing a lovely daughter in love home and to add icing on the cake to bring little Chutki into my life.

All the elements of the calm that this particular storm brought to me made it easier to accept a situation that had been hard to accept earlier which was the storm of Urmeela’s illness and subsequent death. Had I not undergone the very difficult period after her death, I would have perhaps not been able to appreciate just how the bad weather that her illness had brought was just a minor storm unlike the one that the later experience that my father’s presence and eventual illness and death brought about.

If Urmeela’s death’s aftermath was regret and sorrow, my father’s was relief.  What a difference!  Two entirely different experiences but, both were calms after storms.

I wonder if such sequential storms enable to compare and thus appreciate the calm that one brings over the other. It would be interesting to read about the experiences of my readers.

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