Can’t Sleep?


For all my blog world friends who have problems finding good restful sleep.

Here is news that will solve your problem.  May be even oversolve it!

You will just have to emigrate to a strange new place.  May be you will find the answer that the locals are all looking for and help solve the mystery too!

13 thoughts on “Can’t Sleep?”

  1. I know I shouldn’t make fun of these people; but ‘the middle of nowhere’ in frozen Kazhakhstan. No wonder poor old Viktor says .. “My brain switched off,”.. I think mine would too ! .. I wonder what they smoke ? .. 😉

    1. I wouldn’t know Looney. I do know some others over here who have not slept for years, or at least claim that they have not. There is no uranium mine close by!

  2. After twenty four years, I am used to not sleeping and have no intention or interest in sleeping pills, drinking myself into a stupor or moving to Kazhakhstan!
    Grannymar recently posted..Morning chat.

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