This is a test post to see if my blog is up and running. There is still some more work to be done which, all going well, I shall complete in the next couple of days. Moral of the story – Stay with WordPress 2.6.5 till 2.7 irons out all the wrinkles!

My posts between the 16th of September and the 16th of December have not been uploaded and they need to be uploaded. That is all that remains to be done and I shall be back in proper posting. In the meanwhile, just something to amuse you.

A friend of mine has sent an interesting cartoon strip which is for you to see and enjoy.  If you point the cursor on the pictures and click, it will expand to enable you to read the same comfortably.

Look forward to quite a few posts in the next few days.

A happy new year to all of you in case I am not able to post on the 31st!