Castles In The Air.

A neurotic is a man who builds a castle in the air. A psychotic is the man who lives in it. A psychiatrist is the man who collects the rent.
~ Jerome Lawrence

I somehow never built castles in the air. It is said that a man’s home is his castle and even that home that I bought was due to an unplanned for development. I have not however, regretted the purchase and in fact, it is indeed my castle.

I also flatter myself that I am neither a neurotic nor,  psychotic.  I neither pay or collect rent and so I am not qualified to be a psychiatrist. I however did consult a psychiatrist a couple of years ago for a spell of clinical depression but, I don’t think that the experience is relevant to this discussion.

So, what am I?  Just a lucky old geezer!  Grateful to have had his feet firmly on the ground all his life.

How about you dear reader?  Have you built castles in the air?

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  1. I may once have built castles in the air but they didnt last so now I’m mentally healthy, possibly eccentric and living rent free

    1. It’s not “sexist”. “Man” is just a generic term as in HUMAN. The day the term “HuWOman” becomes currency is the day I hope I’ll be in my grave.

      I too wonder about the expression ” a wo/man’s home is their castle” but, clearly, for reasons different to yours.

      Drawbridge greetings,

    2. It is unfortunate that old saws which were invented during times when such awareness did not exist now cause such problems. I personally would not mind if the saw said “A woman’s home is her castle.”

  2. I do not recall hearing this idiom before, but apparently it was first used in the 1500s! I try not to!

  3. i’m not aware that I ever built castles in the air. and growing up in this materialistic/capitalistic country it was probably hard not to!
    I lived such a simple nomadic early life that it never occurred to me to have a home built just for me! did I feel not worth it? NO! not at all!
    even Bob and I only owned the one home at the end of our marriage. and it was the one where we found out he had cancer. so beautiful as it was … it was not to last and therefore held no ‘castle remorse’ for me. nope. I join you and Shackman. feet firmly on the shifting ground! 🙂
    as to other psychological castles… yes. I fell for the American apple pie and mom just like the rest of us who have been enlightened here. in the last years of study it turns out this country didn’t hang the moon! and ‘oil’ has been the greedy issue for ages.
    oh how little we knew and how late we learn the truth. or at least the true facts! there are many castles in that respect that have tumbled for sure. it has been embarrassing and confusing and amazing all at the same time.
    tammy j recently posted..having it all

    1. And what have we lost by not having built castles in the air? I think that the three of us listed by you, have lived full and fruitful lives and can look back with satisfaction.

  4. I don’t subscribe to being categorized. Building Castles in the Air doesn’t make me neurotic. I’d call it day dreaming. It’s good for you. And I defy anyone who tells me they don’t daydream. If you don’t you lack imagination.

    As to disorders of the mind, yes, sure, a psychiatrist does make a mint out of them. Not least because in recent times, and more and more so, even the most normal human reaction is made into something you should see someone about.


    1. Ursula, you will be surprised as to how many people lack imagination! In my opinion, they are blessed because they don’t simply have it in them to imagine bad futures!

  5. I guess we all start out with dreams. I had a very tiny few which all came to pass and very quickly too.

    Am I fulfilled? Yes. I have a rich interior life and a good circle of friends and companions. I can get into loss but choose not to apart from a self-indulgent few minutes a day.

    I’ve sought help when I needed it: grief counselling, child abuse therapy, addiction, etc.

    So I am content. And am grateful for my now much smaller life.


    1. Economics at early stages of life can make the difference. In my case, it was sufficient for me to survive with some semblance of joy. I did not have the time to day dream. Many things that eventually led me to be successful happened despite me. And believe me you, I am grateful for that.

  6. Castles in the air are dreams that will never come true, apparently. So yes, I’ve built a few of those. I’ve always loved to daydream…you could call it a futile, but enjoyable pastime, I guess!

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