My friend Hywel does believe that I need something to give hope! He has sent me a link to an amazing story in the Sun.

My readers may remember my obsession with bananas.

After reading about Gerry Burks, and what Gaelikaa has written in her blog gaelikaa’s diary, I have suddenly perked up. I suspect however that Ranjan is likely to be a little worried!

Mayo are you reading this? Eat lots of bananas. Can’t let someone else have all the glory now can you?

Half A Millennium

It surprised me no end to discover that I have posted five hundred posts in my blog and have already started the second millennium of posts.

It has been quite a journey notable for the innumerable friends that I have made and some remarkable comments and responses that my posts have generated.

I thank all my readers for having put up with me for all this while.