I Am Devastated!


It was on June 24, 2014 that I wrote Courage.

Grannymar left a comment there – “Enjoy the lunch, it might give you inspiration for another blog post.”  I responded – “You are bang on. Another blog post coming up with inspiration gathered at another lunch. When I have THE lunch, it will certainly be followed by another post.”

Alas, THE lunch is yet to take place. That young lady posted this comment on her Facebook page on July 4, 2014 – “Love letters, business contracts and money you are due always arrives three weeks late. Junk and unwanted mail the day it was sent :-).”  I responded – “And also eagerly awaited lunch dates it would appear.”  To which the lady responded with this assurance – “Not three weeks. Will ensure it’s sooner.:-).”

So, Grannymar, I am short of ideas for another post. But the delayed lunch has inspired me to write this.  I hope that RB reading  this  will fit in a lunch with me in her very busy schedule the coming week.

Do You Love …… Most Annoying.


Every now and then, Facebook posts ask to share posts asking :

Do You Love Your Mother?
Do You Love Your Father?
Do You Love Your Wife?
Do You Love Your Daughter?

And those posts go on to tell you to share if you answer yes.

I am always flummoxed because I don’t have any of these four in my life.

Why can’t people ask properly using the correct tense?

Or, is it that people who post these are totally insensitive to people like me?

I Am Not My Story.


My dear sister Padmini tagged me with that image on her facebook page. You can click on it to enlarge it so that you can read all the content.

In yet another case of synchronicity, I had been to a lunch with my classmates yesterday and was pleasantly surprised to meet a new face among our group. VP was not our classmate but was a year junior to us and graduated a year later than us. We had shared the same campus during his first year and our first. He had been in touch with a classmate in Pune and so was invited to come over and meet the rest.

VP asked me what I did and in my usual flippant way I said that I currently spend my son’s hard earned money but VP would not take that for an answer and asked me what I did prior to my son started to earn and I responded that I spent my father’s hard earned money.

For my non Indian friends, a little background. You can come across this type quite often in our society. Completely carefree gents and increasingly ladies too, who can mostly be found in our many clubs nursing their afternoon gin and tonic around noon or their cocktails in the evenings before dinner time and would be lounging around in the club bars till the bars opened at 11.00am. You can occasionally find them in other places and if you do, you can count yourself lucky for having achieved something rare.

Jokes apart, I did satisfy VP’s curiosity but I was reminded of that episode again due to another piece of synchronicity. My friend Nandu posted this on his fb page!

Now all I have got to do is to become the story that I am not.