Hitler Didi.

How some people can over react to a development in a different country with a different culture, is clearly illustrated in this farce.

Since the beginning of November, a popular channel has started a soap serial in Hindi called Hitler Didi.

If you read the contents of the link you will see that the character called Hitler describes a particularly difficult personality.

In India, Hitler and Mussolini are words used to describe martinets and I was fortunate to have a teacher in school as well as a boss during my working life, both called Hitler behind their back. I also have a close friend whose wife is called Hitler for obvious reasons, by her brothers in law. When within one family one person becomes a Hitler and another similar personality comes in, the new one is inevitably called Mussolini.

We also have some classic politicians who name their children after such names, and many of my readers must be familiar with M K Stalin, the pretender to the throne of the DMK so affectionately named by his father M. Karunanidhi.

All three names are used humourously and are part of the Indian mainstream sarcasm to depict hard personalities. I would not be surprised if some one points out that I have been called as Hitler during my boss days.

An American organisation called Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has taken serious objection to the title of the soap about which many Indian papers have commented without taking a position.

I personally think that this is ridiculous. Hitler is not being glorified by the soap. The context and the locale has not been given the importance it deserves for this title. I also cannot help but wonder if the ADL is just using this opportunity to get some publicity for itself.

Peer Pressure.

Welcome to the Friday Loose Bloggers Consortium where twelve of us write on the same topic. Today’s topic has been chosen by Ashok. The eleven other bloggers who write regularly are, in alphabetical order, Conrad, Delirious, gaelikaa, Grannymar, Magpie, Maria SF, ocdwriter, Padmum, Paul, Rohit and Will. Do drop in on their blogs and see what their take is on this week’s topic. Since some of them may post late, do give some allowance for that too!

I sure hope that Ashok made a typo. I qualify to be an errorist.

I never had nor do I now have, peer pressure. I have always had and continue to have peer pleasure.

My peers introduced me to all the good things of life. Smoking, drinking, good eating, gambling, sports, music, dance, reading, writing, spirituality, cooking, partying and so on and so forth. It was all peer pleasure all the way.

Just look at it now. My peers on and offline share their experience, strength and hopes with me about their own trysts with hip and/or knee replacement, recovery, gadgets and so on. I can assure you that it is all peer pleasure. They have great hearts and want to share their joy of post surgery living experiences with me and give me hope and cheer me up. Other peers just simply remind me of all the good things in store for me post my house arrest and in the mean time come over or call me up and cheer me up.

I derive great pleasure from my peers. None of them try to pressurise me into doing anything. It is total bliss.

On the other hand, I suppose modern peer pressure and the media’s idea of beauty, has its advantages as well. The physician son of a very dear friend of mine recently announced that he is going back to medical school/internship to eventually become a plastic surgeon. His logic is simple. It is a field that offers maximum returns on the investment made in learning. I am not surprised.

Please click on the image to enlarge if you find it difficult to read the script.

Stand-Up Passenger.

We have all heard of stand-up comedians. In fact, what will we do without them? There is also a stand-up philosopher, Tim Freke. I like Tim Freke. We share a spiritual mentor.

Now comes something that had to happen. We now have a stand up passenger in an airplane.

You don’t believe me? Have a good laugh after you read this.

I also take you to my post I aint flying no more which was music to my friend Chuck’s ears. In separate correspondence, he too admitted that he can over flow airplane seats. I wonder if that is the real reason for his aversion to flying.

And I love the cartoon that accompanied the news story in our local Times Of India.

What Do You Do?

I am sure that my readers will identify with me when I relate my reaction to this very common but annoying question “What do you do?” when one meets strangers for the first time.

I have, the past few years, been replying that I am a retired Hippy but have never really been very comfortable with that answer as, most people do not understand what that implies.

I have now found the perfect answer. “I play with myself.”

I am sure that this should give some food for thought to the enquirers and I am prepared to send them the this illustration to describe quite what I mean.

I bet that you thought something else!