RR Status Update

Hello all readers/friends/fellow bloggers!

Dad was in and out of hospital 3 times in January/February and had some minor endoscopic surgeries. He was scheduled to have a couple more, but then got fed up and refused to have anything more to do with hospitals.

It’s been two months that he’s been homebound with spells of down time. He sometimes resumes reading the newspaper and doing his beloved crosswords. Has not shown interest in turning on the computer or returning to blogging. His phone is for the most part, on silent and with me.

I cannot tell you all if he will ever come back to the blog. 🙂 Wish you all well.


Questions And Answers.

Nick has inspired me to write this blog post. His take is quite interesting and I hope that you will go to his blog and read his post.

What is your greatest fear? Being dependant on others for normal day to day living.

When were you happiest? I am by nature a happy person and am unable to point out when I was happiest.

What personal trait do you deplore? Inability to suffer parvenus.

And in others? Snobbery.

Your biggest embarrassment? Being arrested during our Emergency and having to fight a long drawn court battle to finally get acquitted and the case against me dismissed.

Describe yourself in three words: Friendly, Considerate and Generous.

What do you dislike about your appearance? Acne scars.

What would your Super Power be? Can’t think of any.

Apart from property what is your dearest purchase? I haven’t purchased anything extravagant ever.

Your most unappealing habit: Needing solitude.

What scares you about ageing? Being dependant on others for normal day to day living.

Your celebrity crush? Maharani Gayatri Devi of Jaipur.

Would you choose fame or anonymity? The latter thank you.

Who should you say sorry to? Can’t think of anyone as I have apologised whenever I was wrong.

Who would you most like to be? Myself.

When did you last cry? I suffer from Epiphora.

Any brushes with death? Two. One major accident averted during a drive with family in the car and one flight when one engine of the aircraft that I was flying in caught fire and had to be turned off. For about an hour till we landed safely, it was the hardest time I have ever experienced.

Would you prefer sex, money or fame? None. I am too old, have enough to see me through for the rest of my life and am in my own way quite famous.

An important life lesson? Don’t smoke.

Tell us a secret: I am a nut case!

Thayir Saadam.

My Indian friends who read this will immediately appreciate the fact and the joke behind this image.

Thayir Saadam is simply a dish of a mixture of cooked rice and yoghurt sometime seasoned with mustard seed, lentils, curry leaves and red chilli, which is a comfort food in India.

Quite how popular it is can be shown by what happened at a recent meeting at my home.

Two weeks ago, it was my turn to host the monthly meeting and lunch of a group of Seniors in which I am a member of. The youngest in the group is 75. You can imagine what a rambunctious group it would have been by just one simple change to our normal meetings, of that day. We always adjourn to a restaurant after the meeting for lunch but,  on that day, one gent decided that he needed a special dish not readily available in restaurants and I had the pleasure of contacting a catering service specialising in that particular combination called Dhal Batti Churma to get it delivered at my home. Knowing however, the quirks of my cohorts, I had also organised some Thayir Saadam made at home, just in case there was demand for it. Lo and behold, that turned out to be the most popular item on the menu that afternoon.

For me, it is a daily must-have comfort food and I take particular pains to set the yoghurt every alternate day so that we never run out of it.

Have you had it?  If not, please do try and I bet that you will fall for it like all of us did that day.

Father’s Day.

My young friend LCG posted this in Facebook.

I think that this is one of the most profound thoughts though, I suspect that the originator had humour in mind rather than profundity.

This year’s father’d day has been rather unusual for me with a flood of WhatsApp messages greeting me for it from people who think that I have been a good father and from those for whom I am a father figure. Both ideas rather unsettling for me.

To add to my musings on this matter, my now fifty year old son Ranjan, came to have a chat with me about some things which is very unusual for him as he is quite busy with his own affairs. His talks took me back to my initial experiences with him as a child.
This photograph was sent to me by a nephew who is now 58! Ranjan would have been about six months old and I did not have a camera those days to record his earlier days. This photograph was taken by a very dear family friend and mentor who had a camera but, it was pre colour film days.
That child today!
I have enjoyed being a father as well as a father figure. How about you, dear reader?