Precious Gifts.

In one of those little forwards that so occupy so many people on WhatsApp, I was asked to list three cherished gifts that I had ever receieved.

I took a while to think about the matter and finally came to three indispensable items that were gifted to me many years ago and which I would call the most cherished and practical.

The first one came from a very dear but alas now late friend Abbas.

The next one came from my nephew Craig shortly after the first one.

The third one came from my son Ranjan who saw me using the first one for a purpose that it was not meant to perform.
For the puzzled, the first one is a long handled shoe horn, the second a socks puller and the last a telescopic back scratcher.

How many of these would you consider as cherished possessions?

The King Uses Commoners’ Toilet.

My readers will remember my writing about my niece Lady Lioness. I was reminded of her again today when I received this clip from a friend who too remembered the blog post.

The movie is taken at Gir National Park and you can hear visiting tourists having a good time watching the Lion coming out of the toilet.

I am told that the guides inevitably inform the visitors to check that there are no lions inside the public toilet before entering them in the Reserve. Quite how they do this is a mystery yet to be solved.

Recycled Teenager.

Today a classmate from school and good friend turned 80. I rang him up to convey my greetings and best wishes for many more birthdays and he was quite nostalgic about our last meeting in 1965. Yes, I left Madras as it was then known and, now as Chennai that year but, he has continued to live there since.

Among other things that we talked about, we did discuss our current health and well being issues and wished each other well.

After a while, another friend also about my age sent this message to me in WhatsApp.

There were some more messages, all in one day, talking about and dare I say, belittling, trivialising and or giving excuses for old age. And then there was this very heart warming story in Jean’s blog which brought a smile on my life.

This got me thinking about ageing and how today’s social media is trying to talk about it in a manner totally different from what it used to be in the ‘good old days’.

Elders were admired for their longevity and hopefully, wisdom and were expected to behave like elders. Their maturity was taken for granted.  They were not recycled teenagers.  And, they had and continued to live and died, like I do now and will eventually.