Kashmir is not populated by fools.

CNN reports that Pro-India parties win majority in Kashmir.

The Pakistani press has understandably not mentioned anything about this development. They have been under the impression that sooner or later, Kashmir will secede from India and join Pakistan.

I hope that Pakistan understands that even if Kashmir secedes, which I doubt will happen in my life time, they are unlikely to join up with Pakistan which is a failed rogue state. Kashmiris have seen what the marauding terrorists and jihadists have done to Kashmiris.

Kashmiris, like all people everywhere want to live in peace, and prosper. Pakistanis should ask themselves whether this will be possible if they were to be with Pakistan.

Even an independent Kashmir is likely to have more connections with India than Pakistan, for very obvious reasons which seem to elude Pakistan.

Happy New Year.

I desperately wanted to get this blog up and running without any hitch and everything intact before the end of 2008. This has been made possible by two young people who went out of their way to help and I wish to record my gratitude to them. One is our son Ranjan and the other is Amit Kumar Singh who is a techie. A visit to the latter’s blog is strongly recommended to those inclined towards computer technology. Ranjan has his own website design company which go ballistic from mid January when he will be relieved from his current employment.

Having got that very pleasurable task out of the way, let me come to the purpose of this post. It is to thank all my readers for the very encouraging support given to me on my attempts at blogging. Without such support and encouragement, I doubt that I would have stayed the course.

This post is also to wish all my readers a very happy new year. 2008 has been very interesting if occasionally bewildering and here is hoping that 2009 will be interesting and happy.

To leave all of you with something to think about, I leave with you another young blogger’s post where he asks some very interesting questions. Tarun Chandel is a young IT professional who was among the very first to encourage me to blog and I owe a debt of gratitude to him.