13 thoughts on “Cell Phone Addiction.”

  1. Indeed, computers were supposed to save us so much time, yet people are spending hours every day on their smartphones. And they’re also wasting the time of whoever is having to read all their trivial messages, silly jokes, political abuse etc. I’ll stick to my dumb phone which I keep strictly for emergency use only.

  2. Like everything else it depends on how we use it. I find old codgers mainly don’t understand how many use technology to enhance their existence and make it more efficient. And learn. A tricky knitting pattern? I’ll find that for you and and send it to you now. Stats on elder abuse? Here you go. Etc. Etc.
    I’ve seen mobiles save peoples’s lives. Find estranged kids (me and others) etc. Not to mention the meetings they’ve enhanced by providing information that can be discussed.


  3. Ah! .. One of my favourite subjects .. I live near to a school and every morning and afternoon I see that at least half the parents escorting their kids are in a ‘texting trance’, even the ones who arrive in their ‘4X4 battle wagons’, and other vehicles, have smartphones ‘glued’ to their ears as they exit their cars.
    It’s been raining, and, earlier today, when I looked out of the window a young ‘mum’ was passing my house. She was pushing a buggy and somehow holding an umbrella. At the same time she was ‘shepherding’ two youngsters along the pavement (sidewalk), and … Yes! … she was also trying to read or send a text. I just hope that she (and the kids) made it home OK.

  4. That animation made me tearful. A few days ago I watched a film based on a real life story how technology can indeed cage us. Will try and remember title and let you know. Makes interesting if depressing viewing.

    Sorry to keep it short , my comp has gone up in smoke, HA, am now reduced to some truly shitty iPad someone kindly lent me. Give me a ring if you like. Might speed up the conversation.


  5. I use my smart phone mainly to ‘chat’ with my grown children and siblings, and to take photos. I don’t use it for the internet or social media—those operations use us too much data, so I do those on my laptop. I’m well into my senior years, and learning all this technology has been a struggle. But I wouldn’t go back to being without a cell phone! Thanks, Ramana. Good post.

  6. I’m on the fence…although when I was travelling both recently and earlier this year, learnt a lot more about it’s capabilities…I much prefer, like right now, using my laptop which has a vastly different keyboard & a wider screen to look at things…
    But they are “here” and if you don’t want one, I doubt it’s any different to families who refused to have new fangled contraption called a landline in their homes decades ago…each to their own.
    Catherine de Seton recently posted..Mindless to Object…

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