17 thoughts on “C’est la vie ! This is Life !”

  1. Here we go again – your favourite “S” word ! Just read your blog on “Out of sight …” Shakespeare wrote in one of his plays “a mote in the minds eye ” ( suggesting that a worrisome thought pricks the mind as a mote – a speck of dust – would irritate the physical eye – suggesting that the mind has an “eye” , not just the physical one . Perhaps the heart has one too !

    1. Grannymar, I know I irritate the hell out of you. Not intentionally. So please do forgive me for saying in response: Can’t you see the metaphor? Which ever way we’ll, eventually, wither, with or without a headstone: Some of us leave others behind, patient in their mourning, and then – look at number six – for eternal bliss in being reunited. I’d like to repeat what I said in another comment today: The sentiment does not only relate to ‘romantic’ relationships, most certainly to friendships too.


      Ursula recently posted..Wasteland

      1. Ursula : Yes it is a metaphor . ( We ) Hindus cremate and scatter / immerse the ashes ; no tombstones , graves or any form of “real estate” in death !

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