Chandru Wadhwani. RIP.


Since his wife Vimlu died three weeks ago, my friend Chandru was out of sorts and in retrospect it is now obvious that he simply gave up the will to live.

After a brief illness he passed away earlier this evening. I used to hold his hands and walk in the park and also escort him back from the park. I accompanied him on his final journey too and attended his cremation.

May the two of them meet up wherever they are and have a ball again.

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  1. My sincere regrets for your loss Ramana. Someone once said the a man who loses his wife is a widower, & a woman who loses her husband is a widow, & everyone understands. But what is a person who has lost a friend?
    Regards, Keith.

  2. Ramana, one spouse giving up the will to live after the other has died. In many ways it’s romantic, in others tragic. I do fear for my parents in that respect. Though, maybe, rather than being stricken by grief, best to follow each other in quick succession.

    What a compassionate friend you are.

    Ursula recently posted..Graveyard

    1. I don’t believe that there was anything romantic about it Ursula. Both were dear friends and I believe that it was just Chandru’s fear that led him to give up. I am not a psychiatrist but that makes more sense to me.

    1. I feel for your loss, but it may have been a blessing for him. If Andy and I make it until the end of August, we will have been married 50 years. He’s always said I should be prepared to be a widow for the last 10 years of my life. I keep telling him no way! I get to go first.
      Cheerful Monk recently posted..Pierre Brassau

      1. Funny you should say that, Jean. My mother too once remarked to me that she hopes to go first. I told her that that is supremely selfish. She took my point. Probably smiling down the phone line.

        Ursula recently posted..Graveyard

      2. In many ways it is a blessing for him as well his daughter who is here to settle all matters. Unlike in this case, who precedes who and how long the survivor lasts are matters that best be left to providence!

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