A town that once went to bed early is now up well past midnight, with pubs, cafes & eateries staying open, hosting residents of a city that has changed from a pensioners’ paradise to a young metropolis.

That is how this morning’s article in The Times Of India, Pune edition, about my home city starts. Please read on to learn about what a decrepit old codger I have become. The writer certainly had me and all my friends in mind when he wrote – “Old timers recall the sleepy roads of Pune of the late Eighties.Hostellers from the early Nineties recall fun Sunday evenings in Deccan, which would end with them rushing to catch the last bus at a rather late hour of 8pm, after which the bus frequency dropped.”

But, make no mistake about it. Neither I nor my friends would like to live in any other city in this world.

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    1. It makes no difference to me Grannymar. After sunset, I rarely step out of the house, and if I do, it will be either to a neighbouring restaurant or Ranjan will escort me in his car. But, yes, Pune has kept up with the times and our young are grateful for that.

  1. ah…. mint fresh air.
    pune is a most beautiful city from all the videos and pictures i’ve seen.
    but it would sadden me if they demolished all the lush green parks and serene spaces for the sake of booming economy and growth.
    i hope that will never happen there. it so often happens here.
    money is the common denominator.
    tammy j recently case you ever wondered

    1. No, activists are very vigilant and the green cover will not be allowed to be reduced. In any case, there is a great slump in the building trade currently and I think that there will be some respite for the next few years.

    1. For me personally, the invention of the multiplex cinemas located in malls has been a great boon. And quite a few of them being close to where I live, I am able to enjoy going there often. For others, the global cuisine, the music scene and the cultural activities available are all enticements.

  2. Paradise: Latitude 18.5203 North, Longitude 73.8567 East. Humans thrived there for approximately 1,500 years and called it Pune. After the alien invasion and the destruction of civilization, the area was unoccupied for several centuries. Some nomads were passing the area, however, and found it strangely attractive. The ruins were rapidly resettled and a civilization quickly sprang up again on the spot producing a people who are unusually loyal to the locale. – FutureWiki
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