Change Your Mood.


Okay, here I go again with synchronicity.

At 6.00 am this morning I walked into the kitchen to make the morning tea to find some dishes all washed and kept away in the drying rack. I opened the refrigerator to check if what I thought had happened last night was right and I found the refrigerator empty. Ranjan had come home for dinner, polished off all the left overs and had washed up all the dishes.

I whooped in joy, did a jig, a sight you would have loved to see in my lungi and set about my chores in a much more cheerful frame of mind than I had been when I had walked into the kitchen.

The background to that little piece about the left overs. We had a big lunch party at home on Sunday for which I had arranged outside catering. Some expected guests did not turn up and food was left over. Very tempting but high calorie stuff that while Ranjan could have with impunity, I better stay away from. That is why I was so happy.

I then boot up my computer to check my mail and find that my frind Megh has shared this piece of very sound advise. When I read it I was smiling all the way because, I do all the nine things all the time.

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