Cheer Leaders.

My grand niece, four year old JR and her father my nephew SR had this remarkable conversation during a session of watching an IPL cricket match.

Simon : Watching IPL with Josephine and she says ‘I want to be one of the cheerleaders’
Simon : Why?
Josephine :  Because that’s what the girls do.
Simon : Women also play cricket. They bat, bowl, catch etc in womens’ cricket matches.
Josehphine : In those matches are men cheerleaders?

15 thoughts on “Cheer Leaders.”

  1. A good question. How come it’s okay for girls to be cheer leaders i.e. blatant eye candy for all the men, while it’s considered quite inappropriate for men to be cheer leaders?

    Interestingly, Wikipedia tells me that organised cheer leading started as an all-male activity, but there was a gradual switch until today around 97% of all cheer leaders are female.
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