Chef is a Hindi movie that I saw yesterday. It is an official Hindi version of the American movie of the same name. I have not seen the American version of the film and therefore am unable to compare the two.

I went to see it yesterday because I like to see Saif Ali Khan. I was not disappointed.

He does his best, as does the child actor who plays his son.

The film however flops because the story line is unrealistic in the Indian context and is very weak. Despite the very effective photography of scenic locations in Kerala and Goa, the film suffers because it is totally impossible. Delhi and Amritsar filming is overdone and does not reflect the two cities of today.

We were altogether five viewers in the hall yesterday and the box office staff tell me that the film is a flop. I am not surprised.

10 thoughts on “Chef.”

  1. now I must see the American version! I had not.
    I read about Saif Ali Kahn in your link…
    and his mother saying “he was not an easy child”
    he certainly went on to greatness in his own way.
    tammy j recently posted..moving on old bean

  2. I’ve not seen the film but by looks of things the “translation over into a similar but different concept” hasn’t worked. Many the movie maker/director/author of said film didn’t research quite as well as they should…

    I suppose you can’t see a great film every time you go to the movies, even if a favourite actor is starring…

    1. There have been many that I have not reviewed in my blog because of them being local and worth writing about for my readers who are primarily Western / New Zealanders / Australians.

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