Cheerful Monk has this post up in her blog which, as it so often happens to me, came at a time when I was looking for the correct word to describe something that came my way earlier today.

The famous Serenity Prayer goes like this.

I have liked this prayer for its simplicity and thrust.

What came my way was this quote:

“I’m no longer accepting the things I cannot change.
I’m changing the things I cannot accept.”

~ Angela Davis.

This appeals to me and I am naturally chuffed for having learnt about this.

Do you like the quote?

15 thoughts on “Chuffed!”

  1. Agreed. Any change that is desired by an individual has to come from within that person. We can’t expect others to change to suit our needs.
    As usual, good and informative post.

  2. I had looked up chuff before… having read a lot of English cozy mysteries. one author in particular used it quite often.
    just as I had to look up what ‘arvo’ meant having seen it so often on our friend in NZ … Catherine’s posts!
    and yes!
    I have always loved the serenity prayer too.
    but for our current times… Angela Davis’s quote is poignant and particularly moving. kind of like a personal call to arms.

    1. First time that I read that in Catherine’s blog post, even I had to look up “arvo”. It is peculiarly Australian, and wondered how a New Zealander came to use it so often.

      1. probably because I spent a number of years living in Australia – Perth, Western Australia to be exact!

        a lot of strange Aussie things came home with me – like the day I was trying at a local sports store in Auckland to buy an Eskie and no one knew what I was talking about!

        I ended up having to describe the blasted thing

        “Oh you mean a chilly bin?”

        assistant shows me said bin and I said “yes that’s an Eskie”
        Catherine de Seton recently posted..For Rose: individuals

  3. Back i the late seventies and early eighties I ran a RadioShack store on Fruitvale Ave in Oakland, CA. Angela Davis was often a customer, always pleasant and willing to engage inconversation. That was a treat for me – my degree is in PoliticalScience andshe was a bonafied activist. That was an iinteresting store as the VP of the Hell’s Angels was also a regular he liked talking electronics and talk about the book hewas writing about Jesse James and his “day job”- he worked lighting inHollywood.

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