12 thoughts on “Chutki’s Choice!”

  1. I like both videos!

    I would quibble with one implication – equality means that a man could make exactly this same video, and would be right to do so. That said, how well would some of those statements be received by girlfriends and wives? Not well at all, I think.

    The point’s a good one – for people who have a lick of sense. In other words, if I came home at 4 am, my husband’s biggest concern would be for my safety. If I told him “I’ll be home around 4 am, and here’s where I am and who I’m with,” then he wouldn’t act possessive and overcontrolling and demand that I not go out. Married people take vows, form a contract (not all of them have the same terms, of course) – if that contract, that vow, is to be sexually exclusive, then both have an equal right to expect that vow to be honored. BOTH do. It’s still a choice – divorce should be a choice for either man or woman. But so should decent and respectful treatment of each other be.

    It’s true, though – everything is a choice. Some just choose to be jerks (and that goes for women, too).
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  2. well said by holly.
    i love chutki’s face. it says everything. to think what she endured and how far she’s come.
    it was your choice to accept her and help her get her life back.
    i too liked both videos.
    i think the women in all parts of the world that have and still are being pressed down in so many ways… well… i think their time has come perhaps. in no large part because of the internet and creative people like the ones who made that video.
    no one deserves that kind of supression. so… i’d say… yes! to choices.
    except usually the pendulum swings too far the other way when it’s freed. finally returning to a more stable sensible place.
    it will be interesting to watch.
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  3. Heh heh…thanks for the doggy video – am sharing 🙂 As for the Deepika video, enough has been said about it. Holly and Tammy have got it right, though.

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