My favourite perch, my recliner, broke down during the third week of January and I approached the manufacturer’s Customer Service telephone number to request for repairs and also reupholstering.

After the usual tryst with numbers to be pressed I was told that someone from Pune will contact me and arrange for both the repair and reupholstering. This was confirmed on January 22, 2022.

After that, it took me a few more telephone calls before the local technician could call and give me an estimate and this happened on the 27th of January. After receiving the estimate and giving approval by effecting part payment on the same date, I was assured that I will be hearing from them again shortly.

That ‘shortly’ was actually a few more telephone calls from me before the recliner was finally collected on the 19th of February, 2022.

Again after a few telephone calls reminding the service centre, the recliner finally was delivered on the day before yesterday, after forty days from my first contacting the Customer Service Number.

After effecting the final payment after delivery and getting a receipt from them, I texted the local service centre – “From my first request to final delivery of my recliner it has taken 40 days. Is this normal?”

The response is classic. “No, it normally takes 35 days but, the upholstery worker was away from work for three days and it took five days more”.

How do you like that for chutzpah?

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