“Don’t just think about your meals as a succession of one-night stands. You’re in it for life. You’re here today and tomorrow, and all of next week, so you might as well get your head around basic planning.”

That got my attention alright. My blog friend Lily writes a great blog, and that is how she started a post on cooking.

Just look at that imagery. It takes some chutzpah to start a blog post like that, but Lily is not an ordinary blogger. She is Irish and she is from, hold your breath, Limerick.

But all my admiration for her chutzpah evaporated when I read the rest of the story. Like I am now doing, she too hijacked an article from the Irish Tribune. Now there is chutzpah at its best.

The article “Recipe For Life” starts – “CRUSADING COOKING : Fast food doesn’t have to mean bad food, according to Allegra McEvedy, who, in keeping with her joyously irreverent character, was ‘bollock naked’ when she received notification of her MBE, she tells Louise East”

Chutzpah at its best, for Louise East and the subject Allegra McEvedy.

Lily I thank you for introducing me to these two ladies. As a gift to you, I give this little picture for you.

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