Cleaning The Ear.

For years, I used to use Hydrogen Peroxide drops and buds to clean my ears till an ENT specialist who I accidentally met on a plane trip told me that I should not. He suggested just the bud and if at all necessary to an ENT specialist. I have heeded his advice till date and have not had to go to any specialist for a cleaning session.

My cousin Shankar who has been to China and is fascinated by that country sent me a story about the ear cleaners of Chengdu and asked me rather plaintively “I wonder if this custom exist in some parts of India?”  This does not exist in that part of the country where he lives but, I am surprised that he did not see this in the other parts that he has visited.

He asked the right person!

I promptly sent this link to him.

I would not dare opt for this service.  Would you?

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  1. No, I wouldn’t. I had a bad ear infection over 50 years ago. The doctor “prescribed” a 50% solution of over the counter hydrogen-peroxide (H2O2) and water, which I’m sure would not be current medical advice. However, I’ve used H2O2 periodically ever since and have had few earaches and no excessive accumulation of earwax in all that time.
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  2. I don’t know much about ears other than LEAVE THEM ALONE. Ear drums are self cleaning. No need to poke about resulting in many a perforated ear drum. If wax really needs to be removed by force yes, by all means, go to a doctor (preferably not in China) and get yourself syringed.

    “Hydrogen-peroxide”? Isn’t that the stuff some women used to use to bleach their hair?


  3. There’s no such trade as ear-cleaning over here, neither on public streets or in private clinics. Fortunately I have no trouble with my ears, they do seem to be self-cleaning.

  4. I had problems with excessive ear wax for some time, which prompted several visits to doctors who instructed their nurses to remove the stuff. Then my beautiful wife solved the problem. “Simple,” she said. “Every time you take a shower, direct hot water into your ear cavities.” I started doing that some two years ago, and haven’t had a problem since.

  5. Hi Rummy,

    Nay, I wouldn’t use the service, nope. I can do it by myself, thank you very much. lol
    However, I do understand why the service is popular: besides the cleaning part, the human touch in the ear lobes is very soothing. It calms people down. So perhaps that is one of the reasons for the service’s success?

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