Climate Change.

As I write this, Pune where I live is colder than Mahabaleshwar. The latter is a hill resort about 800 Mts higher in the mountains than Pune and much cooler. Here is an article in the local news paper about this phenomenon.

There are other areas of India where lives are being lost due to cold wave conditions. Here is another article that talks about that reality,

I quote from a post by Madhav Khandekar – “There is an urgent need to analyze the impact of cold weather extremes the world over. In the 2002/03 winter, several hundred people died of long cold exposure, mostly in January 2003, in countries as far south as Bangladesh and Vietnam. Also in eastern Europe in January 2010, many people died in Poland and elsewhere due to extreme cold.”

I am convinced that climate change is now in full swing, as is obvious from the various bloggers’ experiences in the UK and the USA, as well as what is happening here.

I hope that Mike is reading this. What say Mike?

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