Code Name God.

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Yes, it is the title of a book and not something that I wanted to expound on.

My cousin Damodaran was browsing books in a local lending library when he came across this book, was intrigued by the blurbs “This book may change your life” – Sydney Sheldon; and “The author’s personal odyssey… in an attempt ot find common ground between Eastern spirituality and Western science is eloquently told and makes for fascintaing reading.” – Fritjof Capra, author of The Tao Of Physics. He borrowed it from the library, returned it after reading and decided to buy a copy for himself to keep as a source book and a few more copies to be distributed among his friends. After he had done all that, knowing my interest in Buddhism and Vedanta as well as my involvement with Vipassana for over three decades, he ordered me as he is wont to, to get myself a copy which I promptly did and have just finished reading it.

I can safely say that I finished ‘reading’ the first half of the book but for the second half of the book, I should really be using the word ‘studying’ instead. The second half is when the author gets away from the background story of his rags to riches story to how he gets on a journey of spiritual enquiry and how he reconciles his background as a Scientist with Eastern mysticism and meditation.

There is really nothing new in what he writes as Capra has written extensively on the subject and I have read all the latter’s books, but how he writes is where the book scores. It is easy to read and understand even for a non scientist and the examples he gives lead one to understand the complexities of quantum physics and that makes all the difference.

I recommend this book to people who are interested in exploring how Physicists are now validating the findings and experiences of Eastern mystics without access to sophisticated equipment like colliders. It is also a fascinating story of the journey of a poor farmer’s son from penury to riches, despair with materialism and eventual happiness through spiritualism.

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  1. physics and quantum theories and science all in the same book usually would scare me off. but this sounds intriguing thanks to your review.
    i will have to check it out.
    i have studied buddhism and the tao now for many years.
    well. i say study. study probably isn’t the word to use for me.
    i simply read and read and then just try to soak it all up inside me! LOL.
    tammyj recently posted..joie de vivre

  2. I just read the Amazon description of the book. I can understand how the fellow got sucked into the world of materialism, fame, etc and found it empty. And it sounds as if the second half of the book is a great match for your interests. That’s great.
    Cheerful Monk recently posted..The Snail

  3. I ordered it yesterday itself, when you asked me to do so.

    Just FYI – I did not order from Flipkart, to be on a safer side. Who knows they would tell me this book is not released and would be delivered only when it is released.

    On a serious note – I liked Tao of Physics. But it was little too heavy for my little mind. So I did not read it beyond 20 pages. Now, you have inspired me I will read that too.

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