Coffee Again!

My friend Raj had this to say in his comments of my post An Uncle, A Sister And Coffee.

“Hi Ramana: I am surprised that no one, including the video has  spoken about the one step prior to this: namely the making of the powder itself. In my childhood, we had to “roast” the raw coffee beans in a rotating-roller roaster machine so it uniformly roasts.

Then, minutes before making coffee, we had to grind it to a fine powder and then proceed like the video shows. Aaaahhh! those were the good old days ! No Starbucks ! No Dunkin !”

Those words took me back to my childhood and pre-packaged-coffee-powders-in-shops days when coffee beans were roasted and ground at home to make fresh coffee. The aroma coming out of the whole process was to die for.

The beans were first roasted in a grinder over charcoal fire in my home.  The roasting was done in a gadget like the one shown below.
The next process was grinding the roasted beans into a powder which was done in a gadget like the one shown below.

Mind you, the roasting and grinding was an every day affair. One did not roast, grind and store away for use later.

The powder thus ground was used to distill the decoction as explained in my earlier post An Uncle, A Sister And Coffee.

The aromas coming out of the kitchen were simply amazing and many youngsters would long to grow up fast to be able to drink coffee which was denied to them.

Do you have any memories of such long drawn process of making coffee?

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