I am a tea person and unashamedly so. Since both my parents were living in the North of India before their marriage and I too was born there, our home, unlike most South Indian ones, did not have the obsession with coffee that my community has. I do like the coffee made in the homes of my relatives and some friends here who do here too, I still prefer tea to coffee as a pick me up.

There have been other occasions when I had written about coffee and the last week got me to think about writing another post on the subject. The last week brought two cartoons to my notice which is the inspiration for this post. I hope that you enjoy the cartoons as much as I did.

The first one was:

The next one was:

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  1. I take my coffee as in the top cartoon, even if we stop at a coffee shop. No sweeteners or any other additives in my coffee since I first served on the submarine.

    My drinks of choice are coffee in the morning and lemonade for midday and evening meal, unless we go out, in which case I will have a glass of iced tea. I do, on rare occasions, drink a cup of tea instead of one of the other beverages and, occasionally will have a carbonated drink.
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  2. I can write yards about tea… Why yards… Well in south India the hot tea or coffee is blended and cooled by holding a metal tumbler in each hand and stretching the liquid between the two in an incredible act. This is called yard coffee.
    I am a tea tottaller… Never touch coffee even in a cake or chocolate or tiramusuu. I love tea and in different flavours. My daughter and many friends bring varieties of tea to pander to my taste buds. Recently I was introduced to Dilmar teas from SriLanka… Lovely delicate flavours. My regular cuppa is PG Tips or a strong brew from Marks and Spencer’s. Evening cuppa is usually Earl Grey. I keep some tea bags in my handbag and cadge some hot water wherever I am… Airport, wayside hotels on the highway or friends homes. Bliss!

  3. I’m a coffee person. And I usually brew my own cup versus the K- cups. Usually have one, sometimes two cups before noon. But then after lunch it is either iced tea or chamomile tea. After 6 in the evening it is nothing but chamomile tea. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I drink tea most of the time but I like a couple of cups of regular coffee in the morning. When I’m in a coffee shop I like to have a latte. One thing I can’t stand is instant coffee, which tastes awful. Supposedly coffee gives you a bit of a caffeine buzz, but I’ve never found that.

  5. Coffee all the way. I grind my own dark beans. Bliss. Fan of cappucinos and Americanos.

    I do enjoy “real” tea – i.e. tea leaves. But those teabags? I can literally taste the bags. Awful muck.


  6. Thích Nhất Hạnh, a Vietnamese Zen Monk, says it all:

    “Drink your tea slowly and reverently, as if it is the axis on which the world earth revolves — slowly, evenly, without rushing toward the future.”

  7. I gave up my treasured 2 cups of coffee a month ago, thinking that it was interfering with my sleep. Today, I was in the vicinity of a Starbucks, so I thought I would treat myself to a cup of ‘blond’, their weakest blend. But, sadly, I didn’t enjoy it at all, and ended up leaving it. So now, I’m back to tea, and fully appreciating it!

    1. I just met a friend who used to be a coffee fiend when I knew him forever running to get himself a cup. He tells me now that he developed ulcers and quit and has not had coffee in the last three years. He does not take tea either and takes fruit juices at need.

  8. about the only tea I like is Chinese green tea that’s served in their restaurants
    and I like Earl Grey tea.
    I’ve always liked the accoutrements of ‘tea’ more than the tea itself! the coziness of it has a great appeal. coffee doesn’t seem to have the same feelings to it.
    I only allow myself one or sometimes two cups of coffee a day. and I drink it black.

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