I was peacefully reading a book in my room when there was a knock on my door and my DIL asked if she could come in. I said “of course” without looking up and heard her say “I will just quickly give you this injection and go away.”

I was jolted out of my peace and asked her why she is giving me an injection when I had just been given one two days ago in her presence.

I then heard her say, “I am not talking to you.”

“Good Lord, who else is in my room?” I said and turned around to see her injecting Chutki our dog with her insulin shot. Chutki who is under treatment for canine diabetes, had quietly come in and was lying down behind my bed. I had not seen her coming in and the misunderstanding.

4 thoughts on “Comedy.”

  1. Chutki looks quite unbothered by the injection. I’m sure some dogs would be struggling to get away from the scary-looking needle!

    1. I understand that dogs getting insulin shots rarely if every show any discomfort. Chutki never does. For that matter, even the diabetic humans that I know are quite nonchalant about taking their insulin shots.

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