Comfort Zone.

I am in the beautiful place and I don’t want any more growth. If anything, I want some reduction.

I am well past the proverbial three score and ten stage and cannot be motivated by all the famous sayings about getting out of my comfort zone to grow, to find adventure etc. I am now at that stage of my life when all I want to do is to be comfortable and free to do what I like to do rather than what I have to do.

The photograph just above this paragraph shows my best comfort giving zone.  My recliner,  next to my side tables with books, telephone, etc.  Standing besides me is my daughter in love who ensures that I am not deprived of any comforts.  As you can see however, there is certainly room for reduction around my middle and I am working on it.

My next best comfort  zone is another armchair where I read my morning quota of news papers and solve crossword puzzles. That armchair is next to another side table which contains my reference books like dictionaries, thesaurus, atlas, etc, and also my little sound system. I hear music while I indulge in my morning routine.

The next best comfort zone is where I am sitting right now typing away at my computer. The chair is designed for old bandicoots like me and is very comfortable. The table, the height of the screen before me etc, are all adjusted to give me maximum comfort.

The next best comfort zone is my garden chair where I spend about an hour every morning having my mugs of tea and watching the passing parades.

To top all these comfort zones is my bed where I spend the maximum time sleeping. It is the most comfortable because I sleep in solitary splendour on a double bed and can therefore throw my hands around or snore or do whatever it is that sleeping men do without anyone complaining about it. I occasionally get our resident security expert Chutki coming to check if I am safe and sleeping soundly and that is a great source of comfort too.

Why would I want to leave my comfort zone/s?

I hope that you enjoyed reading my take on this Friday’s 2 on 1 topic where my friend Shackman and I write on the same topic. Today’s topic was suggested by me. Please check what Shackman has to say here.

20 thoughts on “Comfort Zone.”

    1. If I allow, Chutki will be delighted to hop on too but, I don’t allow her. She however comes now and then to check that all is well. She however sleeps on the bed used by Manjiree and Ranjan.

    1. There has been a freeze on my comfort zones for the past few years but one more will shortly come up when the garden which is being relaid gets all ready in the next few days. I am planning a garden swing there!

  1. i love this post rummy.
    it’s a post of a contented man.
    and how many can say that nowadays? it’s a delight.
    i also am interested in that book. may get it for my kindle.
    (the marine gave me his old one when he upgraded. and i’m loving it.)
    i have read a lot lately of Dr. Jason Fung on the internet.
    and i like how he thinks. i even told my endocrinologist about him yesterday.
    (report good again. no more cancer according to their markers. may just suspense with more yrly tests. two and half years left of the proverbial five.)
    tammy j recently day rain

  2. I really liked this post, especially the very first line about already being in your ‘beautiful place’ and not needing any more unnecessary growth 🙂

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