I did.

The last few days saw me going out of my home on a number of occasions for various reasons. First on the 28th it was to attend the reception, lunch and then subsequently the dinner that I had to attend along with my classmates for a reunion.

The 29th saw me going for lunch at a friend’s place, followed by a visit to two other friends in the other side of town to exchange some books and also to discuss another friend’s recent visit to Varanasi and Allahabad.

I then had two days of staying at home but on the 1st of February, had to go out for lunch again with some classmates. One of them and his wife subsequently joined me at my place to spend the afternoon before they caught a flight to Delhi.

The 2nd saw me off with a couple of friends to another friend’s place 30 kms away for lunch where I met some very interesting people besides having excellent food.

Yesterday saw me going off in the afternoon to have tea and snacks at another friend who is a on a visit to his daughter here.

The one common feature of all these outings was,  my eagerness to get back home at the earliest. I have decided to call this urge Comfortzonitis.

When earlier today,  I mentioned this urge to a couple of other friends of around my age, they too indicated that they suffered from this malady too.

Do you?

14 thoughts on “Comfortzonitis.”

  1. Absolutely my friend. Can hardly wait to get home these days. I put it down to the spoons theory that I blogged about. Each social occasion takes about 4 pile that on top of driving, grooming, moving, etc. and they are all quickly expended.

    I just love being home.


  2. I love to go out but moving around in unfamiliar places can be very taxing. I can’t rely on my legs to be sufficient in every situation so there is a lot of brain work required to anticipate and then solve challenges.
    So yes, I like to get back to my comfort zone

  3. While home is where I park it, I find myself eager to return to the same place to park, and prefer the same spot. But I do get around to partake in various activities such as, twisting balloons and taking pictures and toastmasters.

  4. I’m just the same. However interesting other people are, however friendly and engaging, there always comes a point where I’ve had enough social contact and want to get back to my familiar armchair and my current book. There ought to be a name for it – a sort of minor version of home sickness.

  5. you are not alone Sean! as a matter of fact just reading about it all made me kind of tired. LOL! and yet it was nice you got to see all those friends again.
    I wonder if it’s part of growing older? although I have never been that social. it’s not that I’m anti-social but I’m just not a lover of lots of activities and people and never was.
    judging from the other comments I’d say we’re all in very good company.
    I like the term comfortzonitis!

    1. I know that it is part of the growing old process but, it still is worth writing about and enjoying the returning to the comfort zone. Yes indeed, we are all in good company! Thank you for the endorsement/

  6. I think what has happened here for you – is you’ve been “home too long” and then suddenly you “are going out daily” – too much for you to manage and hence comfortzoniti has attacked your system.
    Slow down my friend… one in 3 days out is the pill I suggest you take, until you are accustomed to “going out again”
    Catherine de Seton recently posted..Running Stitch…

    1. Yes, doctor. I turned down an invitation to go out today but am driving 130 kms to visit a cousin tomorrow and hopefully return by nightfall. I am not driving though! I am quite looking forward to the trip.

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