I did.

The last few days saw me going out of my home on a number of occasions for various reasons. First on the 28th it was to attend the reception, lunch and then subsequently the dinner that I had to attend along with my classmates for a reunion.

The 29th saw me going for lunch at a friend’s place, followed by a visit to two other friends in the other side of town to exchange some books and also to discuss another friend’s recent visit to Varanasi and Allahabad.

I then had two days of staying at home but on the 1st of February, had to go out for lunch again with some classmates. One of them and his wife subsequently joined me at my place to spend the afternoon before they caught a flight to Delhi.

The 2nd saw me off with a couple of friends to another friend’s place 30 kms away for lunch where I met some very interesting people besides having excellent food.

Yesterday saw me going off in the afternoon to have tea and snacks at another friend who is a on a visit to his daughter here.

The one common feature of all these outings was,  my eagerness to get back home at the earliest. I have decided to call this urge Comfortzonitis.

When earlier today,  I mentioned this urge to a couple of other friends of around my age, they too indicated that they suffered from this malady too.

Do you?

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