A recent corporate fiasco highlights the importance of proper communication in Management. Here is an article in the BBC that explains what happened. This matter received a lot of attention in India as the new CEO is a person of Indian origin and that alone raised many eyebrows.

In my working life, I have had to dismiss employees or take other unpleasant actions and I have faced many agonising moments on deciding quite how to communicate my decision. It never was easy and I have always felt in retrospect, that I could have handled it differently.

I am glad that I don’t have to any more but, I can sympathise with others who have to.

On a lighter note, here is a cartoon that resonates with me. Apart from the humour, the language is quite impressive. Don’t you think so?

6 thoughts on “Communication.”

  1. Three reasons why it is unforgivable:
    1. Vishal Garg is the Founder of and the CEO. had just received $750 million in funding. Founders are expected to be leaders with a bigger vision not “hire and fire” bosses. His body language in the video was brash and uncaring.
    2. The zoom call took barely 3 minutes and the termination was with immediate effect..
    3. It was in the holiday season.

    When he was criticized everywhere, especially in India, he apologized. “…failed to show the appropriate amount of respect and appreciation for the individuals who were affected and for their contributions to Better.” The apology came because of the criticism.

  2. I did think that was a rather inhuman way in which to handle the termination issue that revealed more about what kind of person he really was at heart despite all his words and apology afterward.

    I liked the cartoon if not the message that probably too many employees are given.

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