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Complexity is something that all of us face almost constantly in our lives. It is the exact opposite of Simplicity, but both
are relative and also often interchange over time periods. In other words, what is simple today can become complex after some time and what is complex today, simple after some time.

Complex problems are solved with simple solutions and simple problems often call for complex solutions. There are also situations that evolve from simplicity to complexity and vice versa.

I therefore submit that complexity is all in our minds and has no real existence. It is we who make it what it becomes.

I personally tend to break down complexity into its component parts to understand the relationships involved among the elements and simplify to the extent possible and do what needs to be done.

See what I mean? I have taken a simple topic, made it into a complicated one and end it simply.

To further buttress my stand, I request you to spare a little over five minutes to listen to this presentataion.

Thank you for your patience.

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