Complicating Life.

We have enough complications in our life as it is and it is fascinating to learn of people deliberately going to find ways to complicate their lives.

Here is a story that would cause merriment to some and wonder to others.  To me, all it did was to create a desire to find out what exactly the advertisement said, and how the process was concluded.

12 thoughts on “Complicating Life.”

  1. Congratulations, Ramana. With this entry you have opened a can of worms, or should I say sperm.

    From a legal point of view it stinks to high heaven that the ‘donor’ is made financially responsible for ‘his’ child. From a moral/ethical point of view he might reconsider. After all: That child does carry his genes.

    At which point the whole house of cards falls down.

    Why any man would wish to ‘donate’ sperm is beyond me. It should be outlawed all together. And I mean it. Passionately so. We can’t have everything on demand (!) no matter how big the desire. And children are not merchandise. Not some sort of accessory. And if the whole of the gay/lesbian communities (who by nature can’t have children among themselves -as a couple) come down on me like a ton of bricks: I don’t care. Get a dog. Or a cat. Or a lizzard if all else fails. Shoot me. Anything to make you happy. I’ll sign a form that I wish to make no claim for funeral expenses.

    Ursula recently posted..Romans and countrymen

  2. oh for crying out loud.
    i have grown weary of modern society and sociology’s weird situations.
    babies made in petrie dishes. or sperm donations and liability!
    good god.
    tammyj recently posted..hark!

  3. Just another case of laws being tricky and it’s easy to get snared by one. Presumably this case wouldn’t happen in the future when same-sex marriages are legal. The other woman could have adopted the child and been financially responsible too.
    Cheerful Monk recently posted..I Think I’ll Pass

  4. What happens to the guys who just “give to sperm bank” – maybe they given a dozen or more and couples have them – whether lesbian or not!

    I didn’t read the whole article and Ursula said it opens up a big can of “worms/sperm”
    Cathy in NZ recently posted..Sea Creature caught in NZ

  5. Ramana-athan – the movie – “the kids are alright” – featuring the brilliant Annette Benning and Julianne Moore is based on the same lines. Funny thing is, with a title like that we think its ok to watch with kids. till 30 sec into the movie, and we are jumping to hastily stand in front of screen while the other to looking desperately for the remote and shoo-ing them out of the room. which obviously got them even more curious, so they are scooting about to look behind. Hillarious! But a super movie.

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