Computer Language.

The Blog world knows Chuck as Shackman. He spent many years with the Radio Shack and is quite knowledgeable about computers.

On the other hand, I was a textiles salesman and know very little about computers and / or its jargon. I depend on my son and daughter in love for help.

So, unsurprisingly, this exchange took place between me and Shackman in the Comments Section of my blog post, Customer Service 4.

Shackman – “Been there, done that – usually in my case it was a hardware glitch.”

YT -“Frankly, I don’t know the difference between hardware and software glitches but, I am not surprised that you too have had this problem. Some very capable geeks that I know get quite frustrated with poor mechanised customer service.”

I therefore have great pleasure in dedicating this post and the following cartoon to Shackman.

10 thoughts on “Computer Language.”

  1. LOL actually I have driven cross country with a pregnant wife, a cat named Mr. Peabody and a dog named Sherman. Multiple failures. Thank you for the dedication but I assure you I am not a geek. I could not pass geek kindergarďen although I have on occasion considered learning to be an entry level hacker.

  2. I am so grateful to my now retired geek, a lucky find when I moved here who still does work for favoured former clients. He recently swapped out my wonky hard drive (ha!) for a solid state as I just can’t give up my geezer screen all in one. I have a limited understanding of such innards but they tell me I am so advanced compared to those around me. You probably are too.


  3. LOL! Love that image! There’s definitely a lot of humor in how people define certain words and terminology differently. I hear a lot of things and automatically translate into health care definitions since that’s my professional background… 95% of the time I’m wrong. It’s a new generation and I’m sorry to say I haven’t kept up with what the younger people are saying any longer.
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted..Dad, Mom And Computers

  4. love that “cartoon” as well – I’m completely challenged with the computer and it’s various “things within”

    Just this week, R…. from Chillisoft, phoned me and then used TeamViewer to fix my virus checker thingymebob – and that’s a mechanism, I’ve previously had other help me with. R asked me to go to Google and search for a particular option/software and of as soon as I started typing in “Chilli…” the first option was Chilli Carne – I asked me him did he need the recipe.
    Catherine de Seton recently posted..5 @ auditioning

  5. My som, living in another U.S. State, is my tech guru. He has had the patience of job trying to decipher my language all too often absent the appropriate computer word terminology I lack.

    I learned long ago, moving into differing work environments, the first thing to do was learn their particular language such as advertising and sales promotion vs banking vs broadcasting’s radio an tv as examples. I’ve been overwhelmed with all the terms in digital world’s computer language — that and bitcoin’s complications.

    Joared recently posted..COMMUNICATION SAGA — QANON — NON-HUMAN

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