Computer Language.

The Blog world knows Chuck as Shackman. He spent many years with the Radio Shack and is quite knowledgeable about computers.

On the other hand, I was a textiles salesman and know very little about computers and / or its jargon. I depend on my son and daughter in love for help.

So, unsurprisingly, this exchange took place between me and Shackman in the Comments Section of my blog post, Customer Service 4.

Shackman – “Been there, done that – usually in my case it was a hardware glitch.”

YT -“Frankly, I don’t know the difference between hardware and software glitches but, I am not surprised that you too have had this problem. Some very capable geeks that I know get quite frustrated with poor mechanised customer service.”

I therefore have great pleasure in dedicating this post and the following cartoon to Shackman.

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