Congratulations Pravin and Simple.

My readers will remember my post on Pravin’s wedding last month.

Simple and Pravin came over to meet me earlier this evening and I believe that the long wait that Pravin underwent before he found Simple and got married to was worth it. Simple is charming and bubbly and will be an interesting counterpoint to Pravin who can be quite serious and bombastic.

I enjoyed having them over and spend time with me.  I hope that they will make a habit of it. They have promised to. Here are two photographs of them together.

Pravin and Simple1

Pravin and Simple2

8 thoughts on “Congratulations Pravin and Simple.”

  1. aren’t they beautiful!
    LOLOL. and i love your description of each of them.
    yes. a good match. she will compliment him and he her.
    he her? LOLOL. oh tammy.
    well. at least it’s not hee haw!
    what a horrible show THAT was. hope you never saw it. ha ha.
    oh good grief. what is in my orange juice this morning!!
    tammy j recently posted..sarah and the wolf and the captain

    1. I can tell you one thing for sure Tammy. Simple would enjoy reading your comments and will have a hearty laugh. Pravin will frown to start with but like a tube light will catch on eventually and laugh too.

  2. Thank you so much uncleji.

    Honestly you scared me to death when I started feeling that Simple would have a tough time with me. Now, I will have to be more careful with her 🙂

    Wish I can be like you with her. She says “I have good sense of humor” –
    1. either that is a joke or
    2. you have improved me, that you help me develop a funny bone 😉

    I enjoyed the time with you a lot, thought mostly I was the target of all jokes, perhaps not jokes the reality 🙂

    1. Now, the time to stop getting scared to death by me has come. The time has come to start getting scared to death by Simple. If I have improved you, you were a malleable raw material!

    2. Praveen and Simple! Hearty congrats for your wedding! though a little too late but i surely regret missing it!
      and yes would like to add..when Simple says that “you have a good sense of humour” it simply implies that its not you but its her who has a good sense of humour. 🙂

      Good going my friend! Wish you all the best! God Bless!

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