I needed to improve my swing with my woods and so had taken a number three wood and some practice golf balls to the School of Management after the summer recess. While walking to and from the canteen I used to practice my swing and was the butt of many jokes because of that.

One evening at a function where the Director of the Institute was the host he came up to me while on his rounds and asked me what my handicap was. Without batting an eyelid I told him that it was a nagging girl friend and the inability to play on Sundays due to the pressure of studies at the Institute. He never forgot that little exchange and on two separate occasions much later when I had gone to the Institute for campus recruitment for trainees, he recalled the same and laughed with me.

Frankly, the only constraints I have in my life now are related to my health about which I have blogged earlier. Because of these constraints, I have decided not to travel out of Pune except if I use my own transport and that too only for short trips. So, when Pravin, who has suggested this topic for today’s post invited me to go over to Mumbai to celebrate his birthday with him and his lovely wife, I used the excuse of my constraints to regret my inability.

Despite these constraints however, I do just about whatever I want to do, like, go to movies, meet up with friends for lunch or go on day trips outside Pune, etc. While confined indoors, I read what I want to, solve many crossword puzzles, blog, watch movies on DVD and youtube etc and simply cannot be bored.

It has been my experience that with age, non health related constraints simply disappear.

Pravin has suggested this week’s topic. You can see what the other writers of the LBC have to say in their respective blogs.  Maria, Pravin, Ashok and Shackman.

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  1. My gimpy knees constrain me from running a marathon. Oh darn. Oh – and there is an added dose of attitude – I simply am not interested in jogging and since the end of my football playing days in college have done very little jogging. I stayed fit by being a very aggressive racquetball player and played softball into my late 40s until the wear and tear on said knees – coupled with the multiple Xs in front of the L on my buffalo petite frame made it too painful to play. Now, like you, I read what I want and watch movies on mt lrge screen TV with decent surround-sound system. The money I save on popcorn alone is astonishing – LOL.
    shackman recently posted..Constraints LBC 09/29/2017

    1. Many well wishers have tried to persuade me to forego the delights of going to a theater in exchange of seeing all of them at home via netflix, amazon prime etc but while I am willing to see movies that do not run in theaters via DVDs, I don’t want to miss out on being pampered in the multiplex where I am quite a familiar and much liked regular! Since I don’t often buy popcorn while watching the movie, the saving is not much but the money I do spend on other peripherals like post movie snacks are now part of the constraints that I have removed! We get raw popcorn here that can be popped in either a microwave oven or a pressure cooker at home. May be you should investigate if it is available in your local Walmart!

  2. you have one of the healthiest attitudes I know.
    I too have a smaller world now. I am happy to just breathe.
    they finally diagnosed congestive heart failure. I am on meds that let me breathe again and that is such a relief that I don’t worry about what I can’t do anymore! like you I just enjoy that which I still can! I guess we both have healthy attitudes come to think of it! LOL.
    tammy j recently posted..moving on old bean

  3. my constraints are mostly invisible – except when they get out in the public eye – but many people get confused on them, and they believe I must be sick or I’ve had a wet lunch…

    lots of things I do take me what seems forever to accomplish, I know certain people understand and don’t attempt to “hurry it up” whilst others just try to make me hurry…”others” soon become non-friends!

    in last few weeks things have happened (not serious things to others) and I’ve had to remind myself that “good things take time…slow down….and stuff like that”

  4. Being healthy, owning my house, being fairly well-off and having a long-standing partner, there are few constraints in my life. I feel sorry for those youngsters who are constrained by hefty tuition fees, sky-high rents, rock-bottom wages and other financial burdens.

    1. Yes, there was however a time that similar constraints existed for me when I was young and I went through a period of few constraints before age and aging caught up with me leaving me with just those constraints.

  5. I got behind in commenting because we went to see Kaitlin, Torben and the pups. We’ve been going every two years and last time Andy said he could handle the suitcases then, but we would have to travel lighter this time. So this time I planned ahead and sent some things rather than packing them with us. This time he said the same thing, two years from now we would have to travel even lighter, so I’m already devising a strategy if we’re lucky enough to go again. It pays to have resources, and to be resourceful! 🙂
    Cheerful Monk recently posted..Fall

    1. maybe you need to consider have “things” already at hand with K, T & pups home…. consider what the heaviest/awkward items are and see if there’s a spare closet for those things at your destination…

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