Contented Hens.

My nephew Sundar and I had this very interesting exchange on Facebook. Please click on the image to get an enlarged version.

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 11.19.15 AM

Sundar is die hard Wodehouse fan as I am too and this quote must be about the best ever from the mouth of Bertie Wooster.

Sundar will now go off on his regular hunt for contented hens.  He will be content if he gets even one.  His mother and I will be more than just content too.

10 thoughts on “Contented Hens.”

  1. Being content is a few canyons away from being happy. Were they happy hens? Or as an acquaintance of mine asked the waitress in a US diner “… were they happy lambs…”. The waitress had a blasé though unsurprising response.

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