Contented Life Post Retirement

Remember Anil? The guy with the Italian home with all those potted flowers on the wall, and merry ladies in the courtyard?

You can see the real he and his lovely wife Neena in this article in the Hindustan Times.

In typical Anil style, he introduced me to the link to the site with this comment -“For the reporter, memory wasn’t as good as it once was and he made a few unintended factual errors. We can live with them, I guess!” In the photograph, you will see an alcove which may appear odd to many of my readers. It is a pooja room. Almost all Hindu homes will have such alcoves or dedicated rooms or a nook, with a shrine where prayers are offered every day.

One of these days, I shall write about Anil and his battle scars. Till then, let us savour his life style in a village very close to Delhi.

Thank you Anil and Neena for letting me share your contentment, with my blog friends. All of them like to read about Indians. We are such mysterious people!

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